DKIM certification

Done. I earlier changed the proxy status to DNS only…should that be changed back? Sorry if that messed it up.

Side note - I did see that the Cloudflare name servers hadn’t been aligned with Bluehost so I changed them on Bluehost to what Cloudflare assigned.

Next - Guessing the DKIM inspector isn’t immediate. Now it says there’s something wrong, but after a change, do you know how long it takes to see it?

It’s usually instant, but may take up to 5 minutes.

Is your DKIM record entered at default._domainkey?

Looked at Bluehost. Do I need to have the Cname host records (imap, pop, smtp) down, too?

I see a much bigger problem here. The assigned nameservers in your screenshot do not match the nameservers being returned by DNS. They do match the ones shown in your whois, but the ones in the parent zone and Cloudflare are those below.

dig ns +short

I think I take this one back.

The latest screenshot makes it appear like you have changed your domain’s name servers.

Earlier, I received these name servers for your domain:

But now I do see that the domain’s delegation has changed to:

Changing name servers can take quite a while to propagate (often in the area of 48-96 hours since the successful change of name servers).

Cloudflare still claim that the old one is the authoritative one, according to the SOA (and NS) records returned, and as such, you may simply need to wait for a while.


The Paul and Kiki got switched on Bluehost when I saw the Cloudflare Nameservers about an hour ago. Went to Collins and Elliot. Maybe hasn’t shown the change yet?

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Still not working…I have no idea what to do from here!

It looks like the name servers STILL haven’t changed. What could be stopping that??

It looks like your domain is not yet active in this account so any changes you make to your DNS in your Cloudflare account will not propagate. You are still on step 1 of 3 of set up where you need to select a plan.

In your Cloudflare dashboard you’ll notice your domain shows Set Up rather than Active. Click on your domain and follow the steps there. The last step will be changing nameservers. Once the domain shows Active let us know if you are still experiencing the issue.

Alternatively, I do see this domain active on a different Cloudflare account. The DNS records will either need to be changed in that account, or you will need to finish the set up process to move it to your account.


There’s another domain active on a different account?? How am I able to see who it is? I’ve obviously been editing my domain given the screen shot I gave.

I had this website developed for us YEARS ago. The only reason this all has happened is because of DKIM records that needed to be added.

You see this domain active on a different Cloudflare account?

This is what I see:

I was working with Bluehost and Cloudflare to get DKIM and SPF certification but now my website is down and I can’t send/receive e-mails

The site is not down for me. There are currently no MX records. That would definitely stop mail flow.

Can you give me a screenshot of the homepage? I’m seeing our site from 8 yrs ago

It shows this for me

However, this is what it SHOULD look like

The old site is the only one I have ever see load at that domain.

How is that possible? We’ve had the 2nd one for almost 8 yrs now. UNTIL record changes were made