DKIM / Cannot create a non-glue record that is beneath a delegated child zone. (Code: 89018)

My domain is not host on Cloudflare. I delegate DNS to clouldflare

My registrar has only NS that point to Cloudflare
Cloudflare manage my DNS zone

I want to add the following DKIM to the DNS Zone

(given by mailChimp or sendinblue marketing emailer)

I have the error message :

Cannot create a non-glue record that is beneath a delegated child zone. (Code: 89018)

How can I add this DKIM entry ?

Do you have a screenshot of the record you’re trying to add in the dashboard? i.e replicate that error and screenshot the menu.

This indicates that you have delegated a subdomain to another set of nameservers. Do you have any NS records on your Cloudflare dashboard?

If so, the solution is to create the DKIM records on the “other” nameservers for the subdomain.

I don’t have subdomain. To add DKIM, you must enter an address like

As the registrar is not Cloudflare, it generates an error

This may or may not be related to your error message, however:

Your DKIM selector “test” can be anything you want, but it doesn’t belong in your content field. There are typically 3 parts (v, k, p) to an active DKIM content field:

The version:

The key type, e.g.:

And the public key, e.g:

So the content would look something like this:

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I didn’t want to put the true content. The error message is the same with a good or bad content

Cloudflare doesn’t like the false subdomain : mail._domainkey

Do you, by any chance, have an NS record for _domainkey in your DNS settings? If so, delete it.

The only way I can replicate this error message is if I have a DNS record like this:

Can you confirm whether or not there are any DNS records on the DNS panel of your dashboard that are of type NS? In most scenarios there will be no such records.

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I have such a BNS record coming from my registrar

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