Dkim and spf records

I am trying to add DKIM and SPF records ind dns for mailerlite. I am using TXT for DKIM as suggested. When I put in values, the spf said it is wrong and when I run a check from mailerlite, both it says DKIM and spf not found. I am copying direct from mailerlite and pasting directly to cloudflare with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you post a screenshot of your TXT records from your DNS page here?

See of you can open this link with Chrome. If not I will try something else. Thank you

Everything is working on Cloudflare for me. Do I need to change or remove the place you outlined?

I apologize, I misread the domain name.

Starting with the SPF record, you have a TXT record for

This means that the SPF record is for email coming from [email protected], which probably isn’t correct.

I suspect the DKIM record has a similar issue. As it stands, Cloudflare DNS is doing exactly as you’ve instructed. If that is not correct, you will need to contact mailerlite and ask them what your records should be.

Okay, I will get back with mailerlite and see what they say this time. The ProtonMail is where it comes to me from my readers. Thank you

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Thank you for your help. Mailerlite just keeps taking me around in circles. I’m just going to delete my account with them and may try later in the future. Maybe they can get things straight on their side by then. Your help was great. It’s something in Mailerlite that isn’t working. Thanks again

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