Dkim and dmarc configuration for email

Before asking, did you search first? Press :mag: at the upper right to search.I’m having trouble properly adding the dkim and dmarc records for my email configuration

What sort of “trouble” are you having?

And can you share your domain name?

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Ok so basically I can’t add my dmarc and dkim for my email set up, I’m not sure the correct format, I used the format proposed in the documentation but I keep getting an error when trying to send emails. My domain is

You have one DMARC record too many. Delete the one containing only your email address. You will really want to consider removing your email address from the other one. No good will come from it being there. In addition to feeding that address to spammers, you are also asking for that inbox to be be buried in DMARC reports.

Your DKIM are not working because you are trying to create TXT records and you have the wrong data in those TXT records. Microsoft 365 DKIM is configured using CNAME records. These CNAME records must be set to :grey: DNS Only in your Cloudflare account.

Yeah I tried creating a record but I’m confused by the format, could you give me an example a correct DKIM record for Microsoft 365 please so I can see what info to enter?

If you follow the directions in the article I linked in my previous reply, it should show you where to find those records in your M365 dashboard.

You may want to see if this third-party guide helps you. It includes some detailed references and a Cloudflare screenshot.