DKIM Address was working but now has been removed

I am wondering if anyone knows why my DKIM records would work for a few days and then be removed. Aweber informed me that they are no longer working and when I looked at my Cloudflare DNS they have been removed. Why would this happen?

Hi @ryan.sorgente,

If a record has been removed, you can check the Audit Log to see what caused that. It’s usually a 3rd party integration like Ezoic.

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Okay thanks, I will try set it up in Ezoic and see if that solves the issue.

I think you just misunderstood what @domjh said :sweat_smile:

What he wanted to say is that, usually 3rd party integrations like Ezoic are causing the problem and you should investigate it whether you are currently using any of the integrations.

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