DKIM added to Cloudflare, Google or look up tools don't see it

I generated some DKIM records on for our domain and added it on our Cloudflare DNS. The record is the following:

Name: google._domainkey
v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAvZhz6Me2GkcXIIYjfmlHrv49o4MIuuv1y51SgOpiTGdtnAKSEtibOQfzgorN64T07i0c+npCS7KglAxWruNPnYWjfPOjEbbnyczEYCMzOAux0Ebe8rqCg2W5tL+ANnKNE2Q3KiFs6oZDVjM0SAWUASMUMRGPDjkkc/huMM0V8XdtlIuWF9MiGLtzFJ8Y4QsHh6Lg218lsXtRwOadh0/+h3J/4131pDq9JWXTk5H0ahDz/v8iuHTdZRAqZ/rbAjC35/7uHyRpzFgdDyjw2KY+VpivviluwQQ3R2R1ULUIrK5TSGVKW15BRmnmkf9K3ynLdu5o2Ap/hFWlYUKi06IRBwIDAQAB

The authentication process on Google failed and the DKIM look-up tool at DKIM Check- DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Record Lookup - MxToolBox shows the error " No DKIM Record found".
What could be the issue?

Works just fine for me, and MxToolbox also shows the correct value:

dig +short txt
"v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAvZhz6Me2GkcXIIYjfmlHrv49o4MIuuv1y51SgOpiTGdtnAKSEtibOQfzgorN64T07i0c+npCS7KglAxWruNPnYWjfPOjEbbnyczEYCMzOAux0Ebe8rqCg2W5tL+ANnKNE2Q3KiFs6oZDVjM0SAWUASMUMRGPDjkkc/huMM0V8XdtlIuWF9MiGLtzFJ8Y4QsHh" "6Lg218lsXtRwOadh0/+h3J/4131pDq9JWXTk5H0ahDz/v8iuHTdZRAqZ/rbAjC35/7uHyRpzFgdDyjw2KY+VpivviluwQQ3R2R1ULUIrK5TSGVKW15BRmnmkf9K3ynLdu5o2Ap/hFWlYUKi06IRBwIDAQAB"

Could be you’ve used the wrong selector while checking :thinking:

As @Laudian stated with the provided link, it’s been successfully added and resolving as expected. No errors showing up.

Furthermore, SPF and DMARC exist and also good.

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Thanks for your answers, I was using “email” as the selector instead of “google”. Do you have any ideas why Google failed to authenticate it? (see image)

Using Google Admin Toolbox Dig:

For query and TXT:


Shows good and correct one → see reply below regarding the DKIM record value. Looks like it’s different? :thinking:

Furthermore, as stated up to 48 hours, could be due DNS cache.

Despite we could flush it via Google Flush Public DNS Tool, we might have to wait a bit just in case.

I can confirm I’m also using Google Workspace for one .hr ccTLD domain since it’s non-profit organization.

In case if worried, it’s also the “split” DKIM record showing (using the double quotes " ") while I check, and it’s correct.

I remember I have had to wait for a day at least, therefrom I’ve continued the process on Google Workspace interface and clicked on “Start authentication”.

The record on your screenshot is different from the one in your first post.

The screenshot ends on QIDAQAB, the record from the first post ends on wlDAQAB.
Change the record to the value from your screenshot.

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Thanks for this, and sorry for the multiple failures on my side. All working now

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