Django password auth email url not working

I have a Django app in which i am using authentication. I am using SendGrid for sending emails.

When i use forgot password i am getting the email but when i click on the link i am getting the following error:

This site can’t be reached. URLs server IP address could not be found.

Sender Authentication is verified on SendGrid dashboard.
Also added SendGrid’s CNAME to CloudFlare.

Make sure that CNAME is set to :grey: DNS Only.

yes, its dns only

Then I don’t know which URL server IP address it would be looking for.

its hosted on heroku.
do i need to add the subdomain which the link sends? right now i have added root domain and www.

@sdayman so after adding the subdomain cname here now i am getting 404 error instead of URLs server IP address not found.

Something isn’t resolving. If that subdomain is part of your domain, then it needs a DNS record. Sendgrid requires several DNS records: two for domainkey, and one for that send/receive subdomain. These all point to a unique identifier at Sendgrid. I don’t think Cloudflare will let you proxy any of these, so you may need to get more detailed instructions from Sendgrid.

All 3 SendGrid cname are added here.

Found the issue. I did not add the banded link cname.

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