Divi Theme and Rocket Loader

Hi guys.

Any idea why if you have the RocketLoader Option enabled in Cloudflare, it breaks the Divi Builder when you try to Edit a Page. You will see a whole list of JS Errors:

Is there any way to keep the Rocketloader disabled for logged-in users in WordPress? The only way to get it to work is to disable the RocketLoader.

If it’s within /wp-admin/, you can add a Page Rule to disable Rocket Loader for that subdirectory.

Thanks. But if you make a page rule for that, it’ll just disable it for the Dashboard. Divi loads on each page, so I don’t think this will work :frowning:

You said it breaks the builder, but if it breaks displayed pages as well, then you would have to disable Rocket Loader for the entire site.

Thanks. Makes sense then, wasn’t sure if there was any other option :slight_smile:

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