Divi Page Builder Never Ending Load After Installing Cloudflare

Divi Page Builder Never Ending Load After Installing Cloudflare

I installed cloudflare last Friday. Shortly after we were able to install it, our divi builder no longer works.
First it stopped working for me, but some of my coworkers could still use it. Next it stopped working for the people on site with me today, however it still works for the guy in Europe and he’s still able to edit and make changes.

I made a backup of the website dme(dot)net to dme(dot)buzz and it’s a carbon copy of the code (with the exception of the different URL). The divi builder loads fine on the copy website dme(dot)buzz. That copy is not using cloudflare.

When I load the divi builder on the main page it displays the following errors.

Is is possible cloudflare is the cause?
If not do you know what could be?
We did a find a replace to switch urls from dme(dot)net to www(dot)dme(dot)net and we switched from no CDN to cloudflare buisness.

Here is a screenshot of the errors we are facing.

Hi @leonard_treman, you can pause cloudflare from the overview page and that will give you an idea if it’s cf related or not. If cloudflare, are you running Rocket Loader?


The Divi Builder is working again!

The Divi builder issue was caused by a conflict between Cloudflare’s rocket loader and Divi. When I turned rocket loader on, Divi builder stops working. When I turn rocket loader off, the Divi builder starts working again.

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You may be able to isolate the files rocket loader is helping with a :grey:.

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We’re using a cname redirection to implement cloudflare vs a traditional nameserver pointing. Will this have an effect on our being able to use the cloud on and off features?

No, the CNAME setup should not affect ability to proxy or not certain records.

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