Dissociate image paths from my origin

I need to set up my image paths in Cloudflare to appear dissociated from my origin.
Is there a tutorial in enterprise on how to do that ?

When a server is orange clouded we obfuscate the origin server. You can change where you wish your images to live by hosting them on another server (and changing the paths in your code accordingly) but Cloudflare doesn’t host image content, we just cache the content that is associated with a domain URI.

Can you describe further what you’re looking to achieve?

Similar replies on your previous thread on the same topic, so you’ll have to explain further.

I am set up right now with Cloudflare.
Right now all my images inside my woocommerce have this path
myorigin . com / image1.jpg

if i set a spider to crawl the site, every image has my origin in the path.
So search egnines know that all images are from myorigin.com
I don’t want his.
Obfuscating my server is not hiding these image paths

Can you guide me on where i can find out how to set up or change my paths in my code (i guess you would mean woocommerc in this case) as you suggest?


What do you want to change the paths to? They have to include a domain you own and manage through Cloudflare. Cloudflare itself is not an image hosting service.

Woocommerce is a wordpess plugin, so i would assume one of the tools to change where Wordpress stores its images could work. So perhaps something like: Migrate WordPress content to Azure blob storage | Microsoft Learn