Disrespect customers

I have lost money for the 1 year package, and have not received any instructions, someone has sent an email but no follow-up reply. I called for support but was answered to support via Zalo, users in Vietnam. But as a result, the staff did not reply to any messages to support me. Very disappointing !

Hi @toanautonamdinh sorry for the bad experience. To ensure I correctly understand what happened can you clarify some things? You added a site to cloudflare, purchased a paid plan for 1 month, something was wrong with the records we imported so you deleted the zone (domain/site) from your account. Is all that accurate so far?

Next, you added the zone again but picked a 1 year paid plan and again we did not import the records properly? Sorry for not understanding what happened, but your input will help me to explain this to my colleagues.

that’s exactly what happened. i added the record, pointed the nameserver and waited more than 24h but it didn’t work. I received the support email, but only asked me 1 time. then no longer support. I texted a lot asking for support, even called to ask for help from a Vietnamese-speaking support staff. They promised support but still didn’t reply to my messages and hung up. Currently my website has re-added cloudflare but is using the free plan. I cannot change to the 1 year pro plan that I bought. And my website is still not working

Thank you. I am very sorry for the bad experience. I see your ticket 2810866 and I have flagged this post for my Billing colleagues to review.

A couple of FYI for visitors down the line.

Only our Enterprise plans have phone support. It sounds like you may have called a partner or was it cloudflare itself? If cloudflare, you reached a sales line most likely, if partner, I am not sure. Can you share the number you called and I can investigate?

If you cancel plans a credit is issued and used against the second month payment after you re-prchase the correct plan of the correct domain. The Billing team will communicate with you on ticket 2810866 as we do not have access to Billing or account information here on the Community.


Hi @toanautonamdinh we are very sorry for your bad experience.
I will reply to you in your original ticket! Ticket: 2810866