Displaying wrong traffic analytics

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Why it is showing wrong analytics while my website is not fully indexed on google.

I don’t understand, what is incorrect in this image?

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What if it is not indexed in google you can share your link and they might have open it

Yes, i am getting traffic from links but not as much traffic as showing in google analytics

For That’s Contact Google As Cloudflare is not involved in it .

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Did you mean google analytics are and search console are wrong and Cloudflare traffic analytics are right?

Oh , I’m sorry i did not see the screenshot you have attached i thought you were talking about google analytics

Really Sorry About That

No , Think there is some error . is it still showing the wrong page views ?

& Forgot to Mention In the Screenshot they are requests I Appreciate if you send the Unique Visitor Screenshot .

What are “requests through Cloudflare”?

Requests that proxy through the Cloudflare network

Can you explain it in simple words?

Send a screenshot of unique users

its around 200

Then that are your unique visitors ok ?