Displaying images from the web on a cloudflare

on cloudlfare I have a website smart-websites.cz, which includes two images (background and logo above the form) that should be displayed on other websites (eg Přihlásit se ‹ Penzion a Restaurace Šimanda — WordPress). But these images aren’t showing, I assume it’s some kind of Cloudflare security. Can I edit it somewhere?

Hi @pavel.travnicek,

I would guess that this may be:

Is this currently on?

And where I find it? Firewall > Managed Rools. I think, the problem is, that I have paid Cloudflare a now I´m testing free version. So it is possible that I had originally set it up, but I won’t fix it until I pay the next period.

It is under ‘scrape shield’, and should not be affected by what plan you are on. I have that setting on my free plan sites.

Thank you very much. I didn’t notice this item. It´s OK now.

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