Displaying cloudflare hosted videos without iframe


We are trying to use cloudflare to host our videos that we display on our site. One restriction we have is we need to be able to use a direct link for the video and not use and iframe.

Trying to display the video link on our site leads to this

but if we try to embed the video in an iframe it works fine

Is this possible with cloudflare stream?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey @mdjconsultingtoronto! Is there a website you can share that we can visit? I’m having trouble understanding what your question is referring to.

Is it possible to just embed the JS bit in the page?
<stream src="[STREAM_ID](view-source:https://watch.cloudflarestream.com/STREAM_ID)" controls preload></stream>
<script data-cfasync="false" defer type="text/javascript" src="[https://embed.cloudflarestream.com/embed/r4xu.fla9.latest.js?video=STREAM_ID](view-source:https://embed.cloudflarestream.com/embed/r4xu.fla9.latest.js?video=STREAM_ID)"></script>