Display number of live views


While streaming a Live video, there is an icon at the bottom right side which displays the total number of Live views. How can I disable this ?

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At the moment, Stream Player will always show a live viewer count. We are planning to make this more configurable and would love to understand your use case. Do you want to always hide the viewer count on all of your live streams? Or is it something you’d decide on a per-stream basis?

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@zaid - We would like to configure it per-stream basis.

Will you also remove the /views endpoint completely to hide the data? I can imagine scenarios where the data is sensitive (commercially or otherwise)

Of course. That is the key reason we didn’t simply introduce a client-side flag to hide the viewer count. If the real intent is to make the live viewer count data private, we would want a server-side setting to hide the viewer count and disable the endpoint.


Can we hide the “LIVE Viewers” count already?