Display errors on 5% of the pages

My page looks like this: https://geschenkly.de/

But something is not loaded on 5% of the pages so that the hover effect is not there.

Example: https://geschenkly.de/verschenken/geschenke-fuer-rentner-und-senioren/

The cache is deleted every 12 hours. Then there are other sites that have this error.

What could that be?

That sounds like an AJAX problem (admin-ajax.php). 99% sure… because I’m still trying to stop it from happening sometimes on one of my sites.

Try lowering the cache lifespan just a little more. Set it to 10 hours or so. And also try to make sure you don’t have other layers of caching that are still serving old (expired AJAX) responses.

Unrelated to your question, but Brave / Chrome is blocking your self-hosted Google Analytics tag.

Why are you self-hosting the GA tag, caching it, and then “cache busting” it to serve visitors? Couldn’t you just not cache it? Sorry if I sound rude… it just looks unusual to me, but I’m no expert.

Recommendation from WP-Rocket

"Since you cannot apply browser caching on files you do not host, the solution is to host these files locally, i.e. from your own domain, or from your CDN, so that better browser caching rules can be applied. "

we clear the cache every hour now. But it still occurs. As I said, only with fewer pages. Over time there will be more pages until the cache is cleared again.

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