Display error due to code compression

Good morning!

I’m a bit new to Cloudflare, I’ve just installed the CDN on my website and I’ve taken the opportunity to do the file compression that is in the Cloudflare speed section.

Before activating the compression, I had already set the file compression with the Wordpress Autoptimize plugin.

The problem comes in that every day I have to empty the cache of the page so that it is visualized well because otherwise it gives me problems generally in the menu, I show it to you in images:

In the first picture, the menu is not displayed correctly, and in the second picture is shown as it should be seen, well the only way to solve this problem is to empty the entire cache of the page (I use the plugin “WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache”, what I do not know is if the problem comes from Autoptimize, which already eliminated all the compression that could do on the page or by Cloudflare, if every time I debug the cache is displayed correctly all for a few hours, I guess the error comes from the compression of cloudflare.

Here is a link to my website for your convenience: https://silensistem.com/

Have you ever had this happen to you, how have you been able to solve it? Should I delete Autoptimize as I don’t think it has any function?

I’m going to update wordpress, I’m on an outdated version but I don’t know if the error will be solved.

Thank you very much in advance

It currently loads fine. What exactly did you enable? Polish?

One issue could be WebP related and if you are converting your images on your server you should disable that and only use Polish.

Though, in your case it does not seem to be image related but the whole header element is missing and that is most likely cache related. You have a cache-everything rule configured and you can do that only if your site does not change based on logins or similar. Otherwise you might cache the wrong thing and then you have the issue at hand.

Disabling that cache-everything rule will fix the caching issue but you probably should rather look into why your server occasionally returns the site without all elements. It could also be CSS related but that’s something you will need to debug.


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