Disk, server

Good evening. I accidentally activated a complete transfer of my site from my original server to a cloudflare server in order to speed up my site. but unfortunately I saw my site disappear from my bluehost server. and now the site was no longer available online. I thought I was dealing with hackers, so I asked my host to give me a backup of my site, which was done, but unfortunately this backup is 3 months old, which is not good at all. So I notice that when I activate cloudflare my site starts to disintegrate from the back office to the front office automatically. I need your technical help to restore the latest version of my site that I transferred by mistake to one of your servers that I no longer know how to access.

Can you go into a bit more detail here? Iā€™m not aware of such a process.

Restoring your site is something you should generally do with your host.


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