Discrimination and disrespect from billing and trust and safety team



I see you mentioned legal grounds. Trust and Safety is associated with the legal department and they have the last say in how Cloudflare operates. As such, nobody else at Cloudflare, nor here in the Community, has any influence over your situation.

Aside from that, you can still use the Free plan, apparently. What features in the Pro plan are trying to get for your domain?




Do they do this by solving captchas programatically? I have seen such captcha solving (using ML) but did not know it was already out in the wild… A sign of things to come, worldwide.

Sorry for the issues you are facing. As @sdayman mentioned, you are in contact with the Trust & Safety team and that team can assist you. Nobody in the Community can see your account nor affect anything billing related.

Hi @777379,
Please reply again to the ticket sent to you by the Trust & Safety team.


I have seen ML-trained programs successfully solving captchas of the type hCaptcha and Google Captcha have. That’s why you have odd types of captchas on many sites nowadays. Ultimately, it’s a cat-and-mouse game and legitimate visitors get caught in the crossfire.

Yes, Cloudflare needs to update its captcha page. And its block page. And throw in a UX expert. Blend until ready.

I would not provide this myself.

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This needs to be addressed via the correct channels mentioned, the community cannot help here.