Discrimination and disrespect from billing and trust and safety team

I’m Russian. I can’t speak English. For more than one year I have been a regular customer of the cloudFlare service. To communicate with technical support, I have to use a dictionary-translator.
I am a specialist in protecting sites from network attacks. Help your customers protect their sites from online attacks. I bring a large number of subscribers and customers to the cloudFlare service. There was a problem connecting my last client. First, we successfully activated the PRO tariff. Then a couple of days later, for no reason whatsoever, our subscription was cancelled and blocked by cloudFlare.

To activate the subscription, we used the absolutely legal and legal Visa virtual card provided to us through the YooMoney service from the Russian company Yandex. This is a Visa Virtual Electronic Card. The trust and safety team on our application required us to send a photo with our Visa card, but we could not do this because the card is virtual. As a result, my client’s account blocked not only the ability to connect to the PRO tariff plan, but also the site bank-cabinet.ru We deleted the cloudFlare account on which the site was located bank-cabinet.ru and created a new account with a new Visa card. An error occurs again when trying to connect the PRO rate. We have already made a huge number of applications in those support, some of which were redirected to the trust and safety team, which are already simply ignored and do not give any response to them.

We have attached to the application photos with a new credit card, which is registered in our new account cloudFlare: {redacted}
We did not violate any rules or laws. We are legitimate users who just need your service.
On what basis did your service block the ability to connect PRO tariff plan on the bank-cabinet.ru website?
Is this discrimination and disrespect or is your company not putting its customers in anything and just mocking those who bring you money?
Your trust and safety service simply ignores us and we are prevented from using your services without any legal grounds. Do we have the right to be your customers or is this politicized disrespect?
For me, as an information technology specialist, this attitude towards customers is complete absurdity and disrespect.
I ask you to unlock the ability to connect PRO plan on the site bank-cabinet.ru
Payment information is reliable and we are ready to prove it
Error : Zone is not to be upgraded at this time in screenshot
Trust and safety team does not respond to our applications and ignores us


I see you mentioned legal grounds. Trust and Safety is associated with the legal department and they have the last say in how Cloudflare operates. As such, nobody else at Cloudflare, nor here in the Community, has any influence over your situation.

Aside from that, you can still use the Free plan, apparently. What features in the Pro plan are trying to get for your domain?


We are not to blame for the fact that Russia is an isolated totalitarian God-forgotten country.
We only want to use the services of your service. Your legal department blocked the site bank-cabinet.ru to connect the PRO plan, only for the fact that we wanted to pay for the service with a Visa Yandex virtual card, which in the United States is considered unacceptable. Now we want to pay with another card, but we were blocked.
PRO subscription is needed because it allows you to 1) change 1000 Class Errors page to our casual page instead of deaf user lock. Kapcha cloudFlare does not protect Russian sites from Russian bots. There is complete chaos on the Russian Internet and it is filled with black bots that destroy SEO websites. This is done by attackers in order to black SEO in the organic output of the Yandex search engine. Russian behavioral bots, which mimic real users in order to lower certain sites in search results, pass through cloudFlare through.
Russian behavioral bots, from which I protect Russian sites, stop only the block function in the firewall rule.
I wrote a homemade drop inside the custom page 1000 class errors and this allows us to connect our homemade script instead of blocking.
In addition, the PRO plan better filters traffic when using referer filters.
On a free tariff, the cloudFlare filters traffic worse than the PRO plan. This is especially manifested with high loads of attack from Russian behavioral bots.


Do they do this by solving captchas programatically? I have seen such captcha solving (using ML) but did not know it was already out in the wild… A sign of things to come, worldwide.

hcaptcha, which is used cloudFlare currently unsuitable for use as protection. Firstly, hcaptcha has already been hacked by behavioral black SEO bots in Russia. Behavioral bots pass through Hpatcha and these transitions are displayed in the site metric as internal transitions. Secondly, Hcaptcha itself is too complex and is not suitable for simple and convenient use for site visitors. It no longer meets the requirements of today in terms of protection or convenience. The anti-bot system cloudFlare in relation to behavioral bots in Russia, does nothing at all. It does not define bots as bots and is not able to determine qualitatively and precisely where bots are, and where real people are in traffic. I say this based on two years of research, analytics and observations.
But all these are global issues and CloudFlare is no longer busy developing its functionality for people, but creating absurd legal walls that make cloudFlare a system that aims to destroy its clients with the help of a legal department that blocks absolutely law-abiding and normal users of the service cloudFlare

I don’t know exactly how the attackers hacked HCaptcha. I only know that this has already happened this year in the summer and to this day. Hcaptcha has become the target of hackers from around the world, as it is used by the cloudFlare service. In general, the presence of such a wretched, uncomfortable and already hacked hood in the CloudFlare system spoils the reputation of the cloudFlare and creates a huge hole as a service that otherwise works at the highest level and allows you to solve very serious problems in the field of network security. Why it is impossible to develop your own simple, convenient and easy-to-use kapcha and refine it in terms of security so that it really protects. why the company creator cloudFlare does not deal with this is a mystery to me. Probably because for the company developer cloudFlare it is more important to legally hurt their customers and force them to abandon their service, which, unfortunately, has no analogues in the world.

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Sorry for the issues you are facing. As @sdayman mentioned, you are in contact with the Trust & Safety team and that team can assist you. Nobody in the Community can see your account nor affect anything billing related.

Hi @777379,
Please reply again to the ticket sent to you by the Trust & Safety team.


I have seen ML-trained programs successfully solving captchas of the type hCaptcha and Google Captcha have. That’s why you have odd types of captchas on many sites nowadays. Ultimately, it’s a cat-and-mouse game and legitimate visitors get caught in the crossfire.

Yes, Cloudflare needs to update its captcha page. And its block page. And throw in a UX expert. Blend until ready.

absolutely agree with you. CoudFlare team has to be engaged in development in normal, new, reliable, convenient captcha and completion of functionality taking into account real needs of real users. Instead, my comrade, whom I connected to the tariff cloudFlare on PRO, was blocked without any explanation by the so-called legal department “trust and safety.” I’ve been sending them letters for the second week. First they said I should send them a picture of the card. When I sent a photo of a Visa bank payment card, they did not remove the lock. After 2 weeks of bullying, they said that I should have sent them a photo of a selfie with my state passport. That I allegedly refused to provide it to them.
Cloudflare, are you completely crazy there or is this boorish attitude only towards Russians?
Do you think all Russian bandits and mafia? There are millions of respectable and law-abiding people in Russia who are illegally deprived of the right to use your services

I would not provide this myself.

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This needs to be addressed via the correct channels mentioned, the community cannot help here.