Discrepancy in Workers' behavior when called from Quick Edit Preview pan

This is strange when I make a request from my computer using Postman to Cloudflare Worker, it succeeds in calling beta-api.customer.io, but if I use in-built web-editor on Cloudflare to make the same request to that Worker, it errors out telling that the certificate at beta-api.cutomer.io is expired. Both the screenshots are attached.

Any help is duly appreciated.

Preview isn’t quite the same environment as production. Is this interfering with what you’re trying to accomplish?

Hello sdayman,

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, it’s interfering with what I am trying to accomplish. My client is familiar with the preview and wants to test the solution that I have built using that, but now that is producing different result and erroring out, I am not able to prove to my client that I have done the work.

Preview is different and yeah, it has an issue right now with certs. I reported this quite a while ago but not sure when it will be fixed.

Generally, it’s recommended to not use the online editor anyway, using Wrangler you can preview on an edge node or do local testing with Miniflare


The certificate issue is now fixed!

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