Discovered SSL (not set up) on GoDaddy hosting after I created SSL with Cloudflare - how do I backtrack?


I just set up a Cloudflare SSL for a website that runs on GoDaddy. I did this last night almost successfully but have to deal with some mixed content still. It’s a WordPress site.

I was having trouble getting access to the backend / ftp of the site so I logged into my client’s account at GD to discover that he’d already purchased an SSL from them - just had not yet set it up.

I’d like to use that certificate since he’d paid for it. But also still use Cloudflare. I know that hooking a site up to CF that has an SSL certificate can take longer than a site that does not have SSL.

So can anyone can help me backtrack safely so we can experience as little downtime as possible?

Here were my steps taken to make the site use Cloudflare’s free SSL:

  • Set Cloudflare Crypto SSL to “Flexible.”
  • Installed the Cloudflare plugin (made by CF) and added in the API code
  • Installed Really Simple SSL plugin
  • Add a “Page Rule” in Cloudflare:
  • Toggled “Always use HTTPS”

Any advice much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sheiler, were you able to get this sorted out?

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I would recommend installing the certificate at Godaddy and setting this to Full (Strict).

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OK - so disable the Cloudflare plugin? And take off the Automatic HTTPS Rewrites?

Hi – I wasn’t sure whether or not there needed to be a possible 24 hour propagation period, so the site owners asked me to hold off doing anything until … another hour from now.

Do I need to put Cloudflare into development mode before I set up GoDaddy’s SSL? I’m not quite sure what the steps are.

Hi, the suggestion from @domjh is correct. I’d pause Cloudflare, get that storted out on the origin and then make your Cloudflare settings.

You will have two certs, the one for the connection between your visitors and Cloudflare and one on the origin for the Cloudflare connection to the origin (host). For that cert you have options, you can generate a free self signed cert from your Cloudflare dashboard, buy one from us, or use the cert you have.

Wrt to rewrites, I don’t know of a reason to turn off.

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OK I’m going to try it out. Thank you!

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