Discourse Semantic Related Topics & Cloudflare Workers

When you get to the end of a topic on the Cloudflare Community, Discourse presents you with 5 suggestions of topics to read next. Historically, Discourse would select 5 random topics for anonymous users and select from unread topics for logged-in users to populate that list. Great for making it quick to generate, but not very useful when researching a specific subject.

Related Topics was introduced as part of Discourse AI

As introduced for anonymous and logged-in user, Related Topics supports finding topics based on semantic textual similarity, going beyond just a keyword match to use semantic analysis to find textual similarity in topics. The visitor can toggle between “Suggested” and “Related” topics.

With the introduction of Workers AI, the Discourse team could run the embeddings required on topics through Worker AI right on the Cloudflare community Discourse site. Workers AI is currently using the best-performing embeddings model (Hugging Face #1 ranking) and thus producing the best results when it comes to finding relevant related topics within communities.

Cloudflare Workers AI is currently the only free & open-source way to get Related Topics in Discourse. And, it’s open-source and easily translatable to other applications.


See it in Action
Toggle between Suggested & Related Topics to compare the results.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 2.49.21 PM

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Glad we got to play around with the Workers AI for Related Topics. We love seeing more options for LLMs!

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