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Hey! Im trying to link a Discord server link to my cloudflare account. Im using Freenom to provide my domain, so if anyone can help me sort out my issue, that would be very amazing. (I want the link to be like discord.(example).com or something like that). Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this, and I hope someone can help me sort out my problems.

You first need to find out what the proper DNS record is. You need to get this information from Discord. It should be pretty easy after that.

Where would I find this?

If you mean a redirect to your server, you would need to do the following:

  1. Add your domain to Cloudflare if you haven’t already

  2. Go to the DNS section of your Cloudflare account

  3. Add an A record named discord with the target (this is a dummy IP) and make sure it’s proxied

  1. Go to the “rules” (page rules) tab of your domain

  2. add a page rule like so, with the name being your entire domain (discord.EXAMPLE.COM), setting being a forwarding rule (302) and target link being your discord invite:

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Hey! Thanks for your reply!

Where would I get the ip? would it be like my public IP or something eles? Sorry, im not too good at this, haha.

Nah, it would be that IP exactly, That IP is reserved as an IP for use in documentation so it doesn’t actually go anywhere. Since CF is redirecting the user, the DNS record doesn’t need to actually point anywhere meaningful.

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