Discontinuation of Cloudflare CDN cPanel & Following Issues


A2hosting has notified me that Cloudflare plugin for cPanel will get disco’ed as of 1/11. I have been having issues with my site since then as I haven’t set-up (again) Cloudflare directly via the website. Everything was working fine previously.

This week I logged into CF, noticed that my website wasn’t active so went trough the full set-up again, and set the name servers on my DNS record as recommended in the tutorial. Unfortunately when typing in the domain name it still doesn’t connect to the host.

When contacting the host about the issue I was asked to contact Cloudflare, i.e.:

DNS tests for clearcutmuscle.com report a Glue mismatch on the Cloudflare nameservers. You can see the report here http://leafdns.com/index.cgi?testid=6EDDFE15

This means that the nameservers being queried for this domain are providing results that are inconsistent with what they should be. This could happen if you have chosen the wrong nameservers, or if the nameservers themselves are misconfigured.

We recommend contacting Cloudflare support and sharing this report with them. They can identify if there are any problems on that end, or if different nameservers should be used. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with.

Can someone advise, please?


You can ignore the glue warning, that’s not really an error.

As far as your site is concerned, the nameserver setup is correct, however you don’t have a DNS entry for www and should add that. #tutorial has more on that. Using the search should also give you quite a few articles.

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