Disconnecting ssl on cloudflare

i have a website hosted on go daddy. until recently, we have been using the ssl from Cloudflare. Now we have an ssl on go daddy, ready and active. however the website is still prioritiesing the ssl from Cloudflare. I need to switch that ssl off, or disconnect the site from Cloudflare. I was on chat on godaddy and they said this:

The certificate appearing on your site is the Cloudflare SSL certificate because you're using its CDN service and not just its nameservers. Unless you disconnect Cloudflare from your site, this will not change.

Anyone have any idea how i get my site to use the ssl on godaddy and what and where i need to do on CF.

thanks a lot

Hello there,

Did you try disabling the Universal SSL from CF dashboard?

hello, no not yet. i am unsure as to where this is on the dashboard. aslo we have other sites on CF. will disabling this ssl effect the other sites?

is it here?
thank u

SSL->Edge Certificates. Here’s the shot:

This will affect the particular site for which you perform the action.

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