Disconnecting a domain from a third party


I had been using Cloudflare to connect a domain I own through Google Domains to a ClickFunnels website. I left Clickfunnels and removed all website info before leaving (also went back in yesterday, worked with Clickfunnels support to verify there’s no connection between them and my domain).

I deleted all reference to Clickfunnels in my cloudflare DNS.

I entered new DNS info connect with new third-party (Kajabi).

I’ve waited 48 hours for the CName references to propagate. Still getting an error message that looks like my domain is pointing to the old clickfunnels site.

This shows the DNS propagating as of yesterday.


Did you use the Search function?


I had used the search function, but apparently didn’t search for the right question.

Thank you for the link. It seems to be a common problem.

I’ve read through these but they are either way above my understanding of what to do or they end without seeming to be resolved.

The one that was most similar had a rather long, complex set of steps that involved pointing CNAME to google servers, pointing them back and something with GoDaddy.

Does it make the most sense for me to simply remove my domain name from cloudflare and start over?


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