Discobot is real. And I got problems

Can someone please tell me how the heck to get rid of a “virtual kernel” or otherwise hamper it so that it doesnt takeover the entirety of my phone’s ipv6 connectivity? I’m definitely a tinkerer but am not at all a programmer, network engineer, etc etc… But of the three main parties to any phone’s manufacture (carrier, manufacturer, & then Google/Android et al…) Google is unreachable and so the other two say I should “just contact them” or otherwise blame it on whoever isn’t on the phone with us when I call for help. Any info is helpful – I didn’t even know what a virtual kernel was when I started looking into my phone’s strange behavior. But I’m now two new devices past that and having the same issues (mystery apps that show up spontaneously ((even in safe mode,)) games I do not play downloading themselves, and logins that do not persist where they ought to and then do when they shouldn’t. Thanks in advance for whatever you can add.

Me neither I am afraid.

It is not clear to me what your issue is in the first place. Is it about setting up Cloudflare’s DNS servers on your phone? If so, which Android version are you running?

Its Oreo. And apologies again for my ignorance. I’ve come like how shows me logs - I don’t any other way to see them - and so this may not really be the place to ask for help. But since I used the app and checked for connectivity per the apps own features, it put a help box with a long link and then something about “when you post for help in Cloudflare community, paste this” and so I did.

I am afraid it still is not any more clear what the issue is. I believe you want to set up on your phone but I dont know what the problem. Only with Android Pie you could specify it in the system settings, being still on Oreo you do need Cloudflare’s application.

I have it. So lets try this. Where can I find instructions on how to manually set up my internet connectivity such that (1) the Cloudflare app actually registers that I am connected to my local Cloudflare data center? If certain options within the app are preferable over others, I’ll try them. But since neither full-tunnel, split-, https or tls will then show me as connected when I then check, I’m assuming I’ll need to try setting those same things up manually

Good to know. And that’s weird about Pie and Oreo because on a another new device I never got to use before all this started, an LG on Nougat, I had full-range capability over things. Anyhow, I already have the app ( so I’m assuming you mean there is no fix. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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