Disastrous Argo Performance, anyone?


Does anyone have experience getting destructive performance with argo?

As the screenshot below shows, Argo is significantly degrading performance of my website.

It appears that the culprit is entirely the ATL POP. I have not had this before. The CloudFlare status dashboard does not show any problems with Atlanta. Anyone have recommendations for getting this remedied?

I also have a screenshot of the globe showing that the problem is only ATL around the globe for my site (but I can’t post a second image, since I am a new user in the Community). Traffic through ATL has a “performance improvement” of -198% according to my CloudFlare reporting.


I don’t rely on these analytics much. Using Argo do you see benefits in speed your self?


I don’t find the benefits to be perceptible, but the site is hosted in North America (also my location). Claimed gains (via the analytics) for Europe and APAC are substantial – sometimes 200+ ms, which makes sense given the location of the server.

Nevertheless, if that is at the cost of North America performance degradation, then the tradeoff is not a good one.


I am not able to Understand Argo pricing at all. Argo in current form charge price for between cloudflare and server and cloudflare to client while it only optimize cloudflare to server.

According to me when it optimize between cloudflare to server it should charge those request only. But again it is cloudflare policy.


Really strange result. What is your sample size?