Disappointed you can't make an origin URL for the subdomains

I’ve been using another CDN service for almost 4 years. CloudFlare pushed hard with the hosting provider I use to have us use CloudFlare as part of their “Bandwidth” alliance. Now after all this setup with Cloudflare, CloudFlare basically declared I’m going to have to have 4 million links updated to have brand new URLs.

The reason why? Because I cannot hide a directory.

My CDN is set up right now to pull files from cdn.example.com/file.jpg now with Cloudflare, apparently that has to become cdn.example.com/file/example/file.jpg way longer, and breaks millions of links. Problem is we hotlink a lot of our images so cdn.example.com/file.jpg is displaying perfectly fine on our old CDN. If it’s on CloudFlare it will be broken because the real location is example.com/file/example/file.jpg and the cdn just cloaks it with cdn.example.com/file.jpg


What I want: I want to be able to use cdn.example.com/file.jpg just fine with CloudFlare.

I am even willing to pay for a plan to get origin URL cloaking as a feature and working like how MaxCDN, BunnyCDN, CDN77, LimeLight, Akamai, CacheFly, KeyCDN, StackPath, Cachefly… CloudFlare is alone in not offering this it seems. :frowning:

Makes me sad.

You can write a Worker to pull certain requests from a different URL. So you can create a ‘cdn’ subdomain and add a Worker that pulls any ‘cdn’ subdomain requests from your CDN Origin.

It’s possible to search/replace URLs on the fly from your site using a Worker, but I wouldn’t count on it working for requests initiated by JS. Just delete the Inject Scripts routine:


Okay! Your words were the magic I needed to find this: https://jross.me/free-personal-image-hosting-with-backblaze-b2-and-cloudflare-workers/ Someone wrote one for B2 :smiley:

Edit: Worked flawlessly.


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