Disappearing elements

Hi everyone. We are a small business with very limited technical experience and new to Cloudflare.

Our wordpress web site has speeded up on desktop, but not on mobile? We have the latest version of Wordpress and are using Cloudflare’s plugin. Tested using Google site speed.

We notice if we don’t clear the cache, some elements of our web site disappear, like menu background colours and some pictures in our slider on our home page. If you we are logged in to our wordpress site all looks fine, but when we sign out we see the public view, disaster! We couldn’t find a way to get the cache to empty automatically. We are using latest version of Divi by Elegant Themes.

Many thanks for any help.

You need to make a website suitable for mobile, otherwise it will be slower on mobile devices. You can see how fast the website is by running the speed test in your cloudflare dashboard

Thanks Willian, We thought it was set up as the Divi theme is “Mobile Friendly” so not sure how or what more we can do.

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