Disabling WebSocket Proxying with Page Rules?

I need to disable WebSocket proxying.
I tried to do this by adding a page rule for the WebSocket endpoint (example.com/ws) and changing the setting to “Disable Apps”. I was hoping that this would disable Cloudflare for WebSockets, giving a ‘grey cloud’ only for WebSocket connections.

However, I am doubting that this does what I was expecting. When I do this, are the WebSockets still going through Cloudflare? If not, what can I do to make sure that all WebSocket connections avoid Cloudflare and are connected directly to the origin server?


Sorry, I meant “If so” instead “if not

Any hostname set to :orange: will hit Cloudflare, no matter which mechanism you use: http/s, ftp, ssh, smtp. It doesn’t mean they’ll work, though.

The only way to bypass Cloudflare is to hit a :grey: record hostname. So a different subdomain that points directly at the same server. Or by IP address of your server.

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