Disabling Universal SSL



Hi there,

I have setup my cloudflare account and everything is working fine. I want to however disable the Universal SSL, as I already have my own an SSL certificate installed on my server. At the moment it shows an SSL of sni240392.cloudflatessl.com

My question is will there be any issues accessing my website after I disable the Universal SSL, since it is stated that visitors wont be able to visit my website if no SSL certificate is found on Cloudflare’s edge. Does Cloudflare’s edge refer to my server?



Cloudflare’s edge refers to Cloudflare. We act as an SSL termination endpoint for visitors to your site; to provide CDN and security services we have to be able to see the request being made.

The options available are:
Universal SSL (free)
Cloudflare Dedicated
Cloudflare Dedicated with custom host names
Upload your own cert (Business or ENT plan)

Use your own cert

When a record is :grey: Cloudflare is just providing DNS services and connections go direct to origin.


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