Disabling tracking cookies assigned by CloudFlare

Hello. I see Cloudflare is assigning my users tracking cookies from Facebook and other sources.

As a paying customer of Cloudflare’s, I do not want to also be exploited and have my users data sold to the likes of Meta. I would like these tracking cookies associated with my website removed. Where is the option for this?


After checking a bit further, I believe this cookie is just a left-over from before I upgraded this website to a Pro plan.

If I open an incognito window, the cookie is not reassigned, and my other websites which have been Pro for over a year do not have this cookie.

It seems like this is only for free plans, not Pro plans. I’m guessing there’s no way to force Cloudflare to remove these cookies after the site has been upgraded and they will stay there until the user manually clears their cookies for the website.

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