Disabling SSL on Cloudflare and using SSL on Server

Hi guys!

Im trying to setup the DNS to my serve and i need to use various subdomains on my record like ‘project.client.domain.com’ and ‘project.client2.domain.com’, but the free SSL does not support it, OK. So I want to use my own SSL Certificate (generate by Let’s Encript), but when i configure to use certificate i get the ‘ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH’ error on chrome.

Im using Nginx to send the certificate on my server.

PS: Sorry for the bad English.

If you want to use your own certifcate that’s on your server, you’ll have to set those DNS hostnames to :grey: DNS Only.

Thanks @sdayman,

This really works fine, but the proxy its a good feature to protect my IP.

The only option is to disable the proxy?

Thanks again for your help.

If you want users to connect to the SSL on your server, then you can’t use a proxy.

The only way to use Cloudflare SSL for subdomains that deep is to use the $10/month Advanced Certificate Manager.

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Right, thanks a lot for your time. :grin:

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