Disabling Image Caching

Still loads fine :slight_smile:

@anthonygilet hows it looking now

@Sandro the caching was turned back on (and Patreon off) for the sake of user-experience.

@mike3 it did seem a bit quicker initially, but after a few tests, page load still takes between 14 and 28 seconds.

Loading directly from your server

Thanks Sandro, what does that show?

Was trying to attach a screen recording which shows the slow load on my end, but unable to attach vids here.

That your initial page took two seconds and the entire site 20.

OK, not sure what that means going forward, but I’ll turn the cache on/image-lock off, and wait for Mike to jump in.

It would seem as you have some (possibly intermittent) performance issue on your server. This issue is very unlikely to be Cloudflare related.

Hey Sandro,

Realistically, do you think that solving these issues (attached) will correct the problem? Obviously, I get that they should be resolved either way, but would rather not spend the money right now, unless it were to fix this current issue.


There is some reasonable advice in these lists, however I somewhat doubt this would fix the issue. As it appears, your site generally does load fine, however there are some intermittent hiccups when the server simply takes too long. Why that exactly is, is something that would require investigation on the server, but - to address your question - none of the suggested steps would directly affect that issue on the server.

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