Disabling Image Caching

Hi there,

I’m attempting to run the Patreon plugin on my wordpress site, but according to developers (and evidence after trying), features of the plugin will not run reliably with CF’s image caching on. Is there a way to turn it off for images (jpg,gif,png,etc)?


Only for images or altogether? For the former you’d need one or more page rules which set the caching options accordingly.

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, just for the images.

My last developer actually did that, and it was working. (Attached).

Then since the site has been migrated to a new server (to handle the loads processed by Patreon), it doesn’t?

Trying adding and asterisks at the end for wild card.
You might be able to do cocktailsandcock.com/*.png or other image formats.

Also, make sure the page rule switch is set to ON (the screenshot has it set to OFF.)

I’m afraid neither of those made a difference :frowning:

I’m wondering if it’s something that wasn’t redirected properly during the migration, as it worked when we ran a test on this server too.

Which images exactly do you want to be ignored by the cache?

Also, your page rule only covers your naked domain (which is not proxied) but not your “www” host (which is proxied).

It is best you change your (four or more) page rules to the following patterns.


Replace [FILE-EXTENSION] with the respective extension

Hi Sandro,

That’s worked! Needed the extra asterisk at the front - thank you so much!!

Do you know, are there any issues I could encounter with the image caching off? And how can I prevent them if poss?

Depending on your traffic there could be potentially a higher load on your server because there’ll be more requests forwarded to your server from Cloudflare. Apart from that it should be fine.

Yeah sure.

I did just move to a dedicated server recently, to hopefully resolve that issue. Would I need to manually clear the cache every so often?

And thank you for all input, really helpful!

Which cache? On Cloudflare’s side you are not caching images anymore.


So this did solve my problem, and Patreon was running fine. But my site was SO slow. Is there a way to speed it back up?
One developer suggested that upgrading my CF account would provide more caching options which could help.

A higher plan wont necessarily offer more caching options.

What you should first try is to fix the issue on your server.

But the load on my server isn’t that heavy… spoke to them recently and they’re saying because it’s only running at 10%, it’d be a CF issue.

In 95% of these cases it is not a Cloudflare issue but an issue on the server. If they insist it is a Cloudflare issue they’d have to precisely point out what the issue should be. But again, that is highly unlikely.

The site is loading fine for me however. Takes about two seconds.

Thanks Sandro, I’ll go back and see what they say.

And yeah, I had to turn it all off because it was so bad. Can you check now?

I didnt check earlier, but currently only your www host goes through Cloudflare, your naked domain does not. And the loading time of the latter is what you described, around 17 seconds, but that is - as expected - a server issue.

ive now changed his naked domain to go via CF now
PS im the guy trying to help with this as i have access to the server and did the original migration for him