Disabling “ICMP”

I need more of a understanding on Cloudflares ddos preventions or flood attempts and such behavior on the firewall. The reason I ask is my site hold no personal info not much traffic so I stick with the lowest option for domains and want to know if the security strength is the same as the higher tiers (excluding additional options and limitations) or do they have a weaker firewall?


It’s the same default firewall on all plans, but as expected there are more features / options on each paid plan.

You can find a few more details on the below articles:

As for the title “Disabling ICMP”, well by default Cloudflare only proxies HTTP traffic, so the ICMP requests against your domain will only be reaching the Cloudflare IP’s if your DNS records are orange-cloud.
In any other cases where your origin is known or someone is able to send ICMP requests directly to the origin you can always configure the firewall to drop the packets.

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