Disabling cloudflare proxy makes sites inaccessible (LetsEncrypt)

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So as the title suggests, attempting to access my subdomains after disabling the CF proxy results in connection refused errors as well as Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP while the sites work fine with CF proxy enabled. Weirdly enough, when searching through the forum I noticed that the issue in reverse was most common- enabling CF proxy would result in an inaccessible website, hence why I am posting.

The following settings are currently configured on CF:

  • SSL/TLS: Full
  • Always use HTTPS: Off (used to be on)
  • HSTS: Disabled (used to be enabled, 3months, currently 2months in)
  • Minimum TLS ver.: 1.2
  • Opportunistic Encryption: On
  • TLS 1.3: On
  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: Off
  • Certificate Transparency Monitoring: Off
  • Universal SSL: Disabled (used to be enabled)

Diagnostics center results:

  • Nameserver ✓
  • DNSSEC config ✓
  • DS Record config ✓
  • Connecting to ‘domain.com’ ✓
  • Connecting to ‘www.domain.com’ ✓
  • Existing MX records ✓
  • Redirect loops ✘ request_failed
  • HTTPS status ✘ request_failed
  • Unencrypted HTTP traffic ✘ request_failed
  • Status of encrypted traffic ✓
  • Mixed content ✘ request_failed
  • Site speed ✘ request_failed

That’s odd. The first thing I’d guess is that your server blocks all traffic from non-Cloudflare IP addresses. That would be a pretty obvious reason why connections fail without Cloudflare.

Could that by any chance be related to my letsencrypt config using cloudflare dns validation? I imagine thats the DNS only proxy status in CF though…?

It depends on how you disabled Cloudflare Proxy. If you’re still using Cloudflare DNS, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

But that’s only for the certificate issuance. If you already have a valid cert, then this isn’t the problem.

Give SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs) a try to have it analyze your unproxied site. It might show you why there’s an error.

If that doesn’t work, give serverfault.com a try, as it’s an issue on your server that you need to resolve.

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Thanks for the info.

ssllabs came up with no grand issues. Only thing notable is that HSTS appears to be enabled even though I disabled it (I imagine because the max-age hasn’t passed yet) and there seems to be no DNS CAA. Unsure if these are relevant.

Will wait for a month till HSTS max-age has passed to give it another try and ask at serverfault if the same issue resurfaces.

*Note: no changes to cloudflare DNS settings.

HSTS max-age generally doesn’t matter outside of the usual browser experience. It’s like a one-month cookie to remember to use HTTPS. Switch browsers or devices, and you get a fresh start. Clearing that “cookie” in a browser is more difficult, though. Something like the Qualys test shouldn’t remember that HSTS setting.

CAA records and HSTS do not influence each other at all.

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