Disabling Cloudflare makes site unreachable

I need to disable Cloudflare temporarily on one site (domain name held by GoDaddy and hosted with Site 5) but every time I do so the site becomes unreachable with “Safari can’t open the page” error message. I can disable other sites where both domain and hosting are with Site 5 with no problem. I’m thinking it is a GoDaddy issue but would like to check here first. Thank you for any advice.

What is your domain and is there any more info that Safari gives about the error

Hi - thankyou for responding. The domain is https://horizoncommunitytraining.co.uk. Screenshot of error message attached.

I didn’t see anything wrong with the site. Have you tried using private mode in Safari to see if that helps?

Given this issue only happen when Cloudflare is disabled your best bet would be to contact Site 5.

Thank you for your input - I shall do as you suggest.

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