Disabling cache for API endpoint via Page Rules doesn't seem to work


I’v set cache level to “Bypass” for our GraphQL API endpoint in Page Rules section, but it seems like responses for similar requests during short periods of time (around 1 second) are still being cached.

How can I ensure Cloudflare is not caching this endpoint?

If you’ve set to Bypass, then Cloudflare will completely ignore the cache for that resource. If you set that hostname to :grey: (then wait five minutes for DNS to propagate), does it still happen? I’m thinking it might be at the server.

I’d test it by using ‘curl’ to watch the headers. @cscharff did a similar test a while back, but I don’t recall the syntax.

Probably something like

curl -Iv https://api.foo.com/myendpoint --resolve api.foo.com:443:my.origin.ip.address

Or with a loop/sleep pattern to test faster similar to

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