Disabling Authenticated Origin Pulls

Hi there, I am having an error message whenever I want to integrate Cloudways in my ad provider settings (Ezoic). It goes like this:
“Error setting up DNS. If you have Authenticated Origin Pulls setting enabled on your Cloudflare zone, please make sure to disable it.”

Does anyone know how to do it inside the Cloudways account?

Thanks a lot!

May I just ask who manages your DNS records and Cloudflare settings here? Cloudways or eZoic?

You have a Cloudflare integrationg through Cloudways and want to run eZoic ads?

Or Cloudways is just for the hosting part here?

Regarding eZoic:

From this, meaning you integrated Cloudflare with eZoic and eZoic manages your DNS and Cloudflare settings by far?

May I ask are you using Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate or not?

From Cloudflare dashboard, there is an option to disable it:

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