Disabling apps for mobile users

Do I need to make a mobile copy of my website (and use twice the disk space) and then use a Page Rule to Disable Apps, or is there a more efficient way?

I guess I could just make mobile copies of the html pages and leave the rest alone, but that is pretty complex to have to change all the references around.

May I ask if you’re refering to the Cloudflare Apps? :thinking:
If so, you can disable them by creating a Page Rule for a specific URL, path, folder, sub-domain, etc. while keeping them running/enabled for the rest of your website.

I have to admit, I haven’t had a website for a long time separated on “desktop” and “mobile”.

I could try to go back, but that kind of websites I was creating back in 2012 before going deep with Responsive Web Design.

Yes Cloudflare Apps.

So the solution is to create mobile copies and then use a Page Rule to Disable Apps and then redirect to the mobile copies.

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