Disabling Always use HTTPS not working

we created domain alias for webhooks
added that as grey cloud on cf dns
disabled Always use HTTPS
but alias still redirects to https
how to fix?

Can you post the URLs in question?

no i cant
i can only give examples:
here is alias:

webhooks doesnt work as it goes to https (somehow the payment gateway does not support Cloudflare’s ssl as its another problem)

Well, considering you already switched to :grey: Cloudflare should not be involved at all any more. Without knowing the domain it is impossible to say more.

no it still involving as its redirecting to https

ok we’re giving it:
webhook alias
you can see it goes to https
2)even when we disable "always use https " option

Yes, that host is :grey:, so all requests go directly to your server and any settings on Cloudflare do not take effect for that host.

i think u dont get it
it redirects to https
maybe its a cpanel autossl problem?

Thats not a Cloudflare issue then, thats something you need to fix on your server and its configuration.

uninstalling the lets encrypt ssl for that particular alias leads server to error

I presume you still redirect to HTTPS. In that case it is logical that you will receive an error if you remove the certficate.

Again, this is not a Cloudflare issue and should be probably taken to a more appropriate forum.

However, what is it you are trying to achieve? Do you want that communication of HTTPS or not?

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