Disabled webshield from Inmunify and still sometimes i get 404 errors

Hi, the original thread was here:

I did contact Imunify360 and they indicated how to disable it for a given domain, after that most errors were gone , but sometimes I’m still seeing some:
But before appearing g that I saw a fast message : “please wait while your request is being verified” which seems to indicate that is a Cloudflare related end problem? and how to proceed from here?

That may be a challenge from Cloudflare, which then gets out of the way, but if you are seeing links with long IDs and wsidchk in them, then Imunify360 is still in place, or try in private/incognito mode to ensure it’s not some caching in your browser.

Well in Firefox if I use a “different container” which has separated cache and cookies per container indeed it does load fine, so may be related to browser cache.
Edit : A wild guess maybe Cloudflare redirects to a page outside of the allowlisted domain hence triggering the error page of Imunify?

Keep getting errors https://www.otzerling.com/z0f76a1d14fd21a8fb5fd0d03e0fdc3d3cedae52f?wsidchk=17923123
I makes no sense to not cache for longer time the pages but if the websites cant be reliable loaded …

cf-cache-status: HIT

Just in case, I’d suggest you to Purge Everything :thinking:

I did so asap :wink: is there any way to tell how many times these errors are displayed or how many users are getting this error?

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