Disabled Rocket Loader - Still getting a white flash?

We recently enabled some of the speed optimization plugins that CF offers with pro. Shortly after enabling them we started experiencing a white flash on page load, I did some digging and it looks like Rocket Loader is responsible. I disabled Rocket loader and cleared cache but a week later we are still getting the white flash. I’ve already tried disabling the other add-ons + purging once again, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

Hi @marketing_outback, Rocket Loader is designed to defer loading javascript to improve the performance. This means if the page rendering relies on the javascript code to execute, or there are scripts that manipulate the DOM, you will see this.

Keep in mind that Rocket Loader simply defers these script from loading as javascript request blocks the other requests from proceeding. If you see this flash as the page loads, it is almost certain to be happening without Rocket Loader enabled, only it happens much faster since the javascript code executes earlier during page load.


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