Disabled cloudflare , still caching? Not displaying properly


I am new to Cloudflare

I disabled it totally in the admin panel (paused and development mode) and I even tried singular paused and then tried dev mode

Still my site displays different in different browsers and sometimes doesnt update.

I disabled cache extensions and others in my joomla config. Still its messed up!

As you can see the section with 6 articles is supposed to display as a ROW with 6 articles displaying horizontal

In toehr browsers it displays as vertical 1 column with each article underneath each other.

Any idea if Cloudflare could be causing this?

My site is wellness bachelor dot com (I am doing this for privacy)

If Development Mode is on, and you’re still getting cached data, try using an Incognito / Private Browsing session when accessing the site. It’s likely that Cloudflare is no longer serving cache, but your browser might still be using the cache it’s already got.

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