Disabled Cloudflare Caching using Page Rules but still show cache in dashboard

I have disabled Cloudflare caching using the page rule bypass cache

Cache Level: Bypass

Where domainname is my website’s name. And there is an ““Asterisk”” at both ends

But in Cloudflare analytics, I still see 2 MB of Cache.
I guess it is affecting my website in some way. Whenever I purge everything, I see more visitors in Google Analytics.
So is there a way I can completely stop Cloudflare caching? Or is it something related to CDN?

So *domain.com/*, right? That should stop caching altogether, however you should purge your cache beforehand. If you have done both, there really shouldnt be anything cached any longer. If it still seems to cache, I’d open a support ticket.

Yes exactly that. But there is still 2MB caching reported in the analytics despite purging everything multiple times in a course of several months.
So should I turn off the Page rule, purge everything and enable it again?
I have opened a support ticket, but they just give me some generic answer with a bunch of articles to look into.

Two megabytes over which period? Could that be from before turning on the page rule? The page rule is active, is it not? When did you create it?

Post the ticket number here, so @cloonan can check it out.

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So I have been with Cloudflare since the beginning. Like 2 years ago. But then I changed hosts Dreampress (Managed wordpress hosting from dreamhost) So they have Varnish server side caching and they recommended me to remove all caching plugins and other additional plugins.
So in order to avoid conflict, I added a page rule. I must have purged everything and the nenabled the page rule.
But then recently I noticed that there is still 2 MB of caching. I purged everything several month back and again after a month or so, and again. but the same.

My ticket number is #1696477

So that rule has been active for several months?

Yes. Several months.

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