Disable ZTNA Team WARP Clients when connected to local network via WiFi or Ethernet

I setup Zero Tier Team Network Access (ZTNA), which uses the client to rely the local network via the internet.

I need to avoid traffic going through the Internet when devices are already connected to the LAN. However, when Zero Tier WARP client is on, traffic still hits Cloudflare servers, making all connections very slow and increasing the load on the internet connection massively.

The client docs say it can disable when connected to certain networks, but this feature seems not to be accessible from the client when set in Team mode, and I could not find a way to specify it from the Zero Tier administration page.

Is there a way to make the client to proxy the connections via the internet when already connected to the LAN?
I also tried using Policies, but I could not find a way to select on source network.

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