Disable warp-svc debug logs

Hello, how could I prevent the warp-svc service/daemon from spamming my system journal?

Same problem here. On Windows the log file C:\ProgramData\Cloudflare\cfwarp_service_log.txt is spammed literally every second with debug messages like:

DEBUG main_loop: warp::warp_service::ipc_handlers: Ipc response: 3; Application settings: GlobalConfiguration { insert full configuration here, yes, FULL... }
DEBUG main_loop: warp::warp_service: Entering main loop arm arm="ipc_requests"
DEBUG main_loop: warp::warp_service::ipc_handlers: Ipc request: 2; GetDaemonStatus
DEBUG main_loop: warp::warp_service::ipc_handlers: Sending IPC status update: Disconnected
DEBUG main_loop: warp::warp_service::ipc_handlers: Ipc response: 0; Status: Disconnected

In a minute or two the log file is about 20k lines long, and several megabytes of size. If I add many excluded IPs (about one thousand) to the configuration, the log will bloat to several hundred megabytes very quickly, while warp-svc spend most of my CPU time logging the same thing over and over.

Judging from the log format, there might be a log level configuration, somewhere…

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