Disable SSL on 3rd level domain

I have disabled always use https, it works fine on sub domain as i am able to visit without ssl, but i am not able to visit 3rd
level domain without ssl, kindly provide solution.

example.com - works without ssl
foo.example.com - unable to visit without ssl

I just need to disable ssl for 3rd level domains i.e. sub-sub-domains

Note that if you have HSTS with “include subdomains” set to on, the below will not work because the browser will only try to connect over HTTPS, no exceptions. If you haven’t set up HSTS, the below will work.

To keep SSL on other DNS zones, but not on your 3rd level domains, you can create a page rule (matching *.*.example.com/*) and add a setting for SSL set to “Off”. This will keep the Cloudflare proxy and your Cloudflare settings while disabling SSL.

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Thanks judge i will try that :slight_smile:

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